Replace Pool Table Cloth / Change Billiard Felt

Installer recovering tableDynamic Billiard's skilled billiard pool table mechanics can take care of replacing the felt on your pool table. We offer the service to change the felt cloth on a pool table while on site in the customer’s home. Please provide us with the outside dimensions of your pool table so that we may confirm the cloth size required for your pool table.

Save money by changing your pool table felt cloth while our pool table installers install your pool table. You will save 100% of the labour fee associated with changing the cloth on the pool table bed. You will be billed only for the cost of the pool table cloth plus the labour fee for our billiard mechanics to strip and replace the cloth on the pool table rails.

Dynamic Billiard offers a selection of many different grades of billiard cloths in a variety of colours. Our pool table installers will professionally re-cloth the rails and/or the playing surface of your pool table in your choice of cloth.

Grades of pool table cloth & snooker table napped cloth

1. Championship Invitational Teflon

This 21 ounce fabric offers the added feature of DuPont Teflon. The product is bathed in DuPont Teflon (not sprayed on) to give it the most complete protection in spill/stain prevention which makes it perfect for home and commercial use.

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2. Championship Titan

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3. Championship Titan Brites

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4. Championship Tournament Edition

This 24 ounce weight worsted fabric is the most durable tournament quality fabric in the industry. Tour Edition will outlast its leading competitor by a minimum of 30% under comparable playing conditions. Tour Edition's formula, construction, finishing process and extra weight make it practically puncture proof. Fewer dings and tears result in a smoother playing surface throughout the life of the fabric. Tour Edition is finished with Championship's exclusive active sheering and vacuum decating processes resulting in the smoothest playing surface possible.

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5. Iwan Simonis 860

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6. Hainsworth Club Snooker Cloth

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7. Hainsworth Smart Snooker Cloth

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8. West of England Tournament Gold 6811 Snooker Cloth

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